Secrets of Crowdfunding

Using the best principles of marketing and years of crowdfunding data, I have put together a step-by-step guide to planning, designing and launching a Kickstarter campaign with the best chance of success. When someone plans to take a creative venture into the crowdfunding space to finance the project, they need guidance. This book covers all of the aspects of the campaign, from project budgets to kickstarter goals to reward creation to campaign communication.

Website Design

I specialize in websites for the arts and entertainment world, helping artists to make a living at their art. I also work on education, business and corporate sites, especially for companies who are looking for well-designed sites that don’t merely blend in with their competitors. Sites need to present the best version of a product, a person, or a company. They should be direct, so that your visitors find the information they need to want what you are proving.

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This online book builder allows users to upload photos and fill in the details of the pre-written stories for Children’s Books, to personalize the stories. Many of the books are made to help kids through childhood transitions, like moving to a new house or going to the doctor. Others help build self-esteem by showing children that they are loved. All of the books are individualized, so no two are the same.