Graphic Design

Book Covers.

People will judge the book by its cover… so you should have a cover that really speaks to your audience.

You might be interested in a short run of books, a promotional series, a gift or a fundraiser. Whatever your needs, I am more than capable of designing something to make it stand out.

CD and DVD artwork.

Like a book cover, the art for a CD or DVD can be hugely influential to the buyers.

The art for the packaging needs to match the art contained on the disc. That is the real trial in making the decisions on what artwork should wrap inside the CD jewel case or slide into the DVD box.

Logos and Letterhead.

The collateral that your business needs to get started is just a few steps away. Logo design and collateral layout are something I have done for many companies. At times, I have even designed logos for products as well. One time, I did a logo for a laser. Really.

Arranging print-ready files, as well as those Word templates that you will need for emails and attachments, is part of the whole deal.

Brochures and Cards.

There are lots of reasons for creating brochures, business cards, mailers, or postcards; from a church fundraiser to summer camp programs, from mini-catalogs to party invitations, from new business venture to an update of your corporate look. And I have designed a ton of them.

Brochures can be made in Word, but they look like crap. And postcards can use online templates. But they look like cookie-cutter postcards.  What you leave behind with or send to your clients is a reminder of you and your abilities.  You shouldn’t leave something that doesn’t make you memorable.

My work is designed to meet your needs, to match your business profile and to send to printers.  I can offer help in the printing process, finding reasonable costs and timelines for completing your job.