Web Design

Websites and Blogs.

The truth is: there are a lot of people out there who can design a site for you. And there are a lot of “free” blogs and services. Why should you have me design your site?

My sites are all designed from original materials and are built to meet your specific online goals. I favor simple structure, clear navigation, strong imagery and logical text. I think about search engines. I think about your viewers. I think about your potential future site growth.

Full Control.

The sites I build rely on content management software that offers full control over your site. You can add a blog or news feed. You can edit your text. You can upload images, audio or video. When you are inspired at 3am, you don’t have to wait for your web designer to make the changes.

With your site’s web-based interface, you can change your site at any time from any internet-connected browser in the world. You can even make changes from your smart phone.